Celebrating Our Grant Winners!

Honoring Excellence in Teaching Literacy
We are delighted to announce the 120 winners of the Lexia LETRS® Science of Reading Grant! 

Our winners, a group of outstanding elementary educators, have shown an exceptional commitment to literacy and a deep dedication to their students. They have demonstrated a clear response to and understanding of the value and commitment of Lexia LETRS and expressively articulate the potential impact Lexia LETRS will have on their teaching. Their innovative and passionate approaches to teaching literacy set new standards for educational excellence.

Join us in celebrating these passionate educators striving toward excellence in literacy education.

Together, we are making a meaningful difference in the lives of students and molding the future of education.

Ira Abrams 
Alyaha Asue
Ashley Barker
Ramia Batista
Maureen Beck
Shanna Birch
Kendra Bitzig
Kristine Brander
Jeannette Briest
Ellen Burns
Dani Burtsfield
Jennifer Buskerud
Lee Canup
Jessica Collins
Shaime Cortes Vega
Amy Cote
Kelly Darrock
Jennifer Davis
Assia Day
Kristi Denoy
Ramona Doberstein
Sherry Duboff
Erin Duffy
Stephanie Dunn
Haley Dunson
Chelsea Eason
Jessica Edmondson
Britany Ellis
Ashley Evans
Jennifer Fragola
Regina Fraizer
Anastasia Frank
Amanda Frank
Elise Frederic
Jennifer Geloff
Erika George
Kim Grundtisch
Jennifer Guht
Lauren Guitierrez
Rebecca Hague
Heather Halverson
Allison Hedgecoke
Marye Helms
Monica Hemenway
Catherine Hersey
Denise Higgins
Abby Himmeltich
Tiffany Holmes
Stephanie Hughes
Shannon Iwaszkowiec
Mellissa Jagelski 
Janet Jenkins
Gina Jimenez
Tracy Joachin
Becca Kazemzadehr
Jennifer Kenny
Jackie Kent
Jaci King
Youa Kong
Casey Lash
Latonya Lawrence
Jaime Leiderman
Molly Leifeld
Alexandra Lettiere
Heather Lichtman
Karen Luna
Amanda Lundberg
Flavia Masino
Paris Mays
Katie McCabe
Ryanne Mikunda
Kylie Moneypenny
Jessica Morgan
April Morris
Nicole Motsinger
Tiffani Mugurussa 
Brittany Mullinex
Montana Nix
Brianna Pesci
Tanya Peterson
Elizabeth Pichowicz
Kimberly Polite
Janice Powers
Monica Prieto
Holly Pugliese
Ashley Purviance
Virginia Quinn Mooney
Ashley Randall
Jennifer Rutkowski
Natalie Salstrom
Misty Savario
Jackie Schaaf
Elizabeth Schreiber
Jenn Sharek
Sarah Slater
Je'neen Small
Ana Smith
Kelsey Souza
Katherine Stedmank
Brianna Stumpf
Michelle Sullivan
Alison Sullivan
Stephanie Sultana
Nancy Symmes
Rebecca Tate
Heidi Traynor
April Trent
Alesha Trudell
Carmina Vital
Allison White
Tangela Wiggins
Sophia Woychik
Amanda Yeakel
Noreen Zetzer
Mark Zwahlen

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